Hi, I am Dejan Josifović (Дејан Јосифовић, IPA: dejan josifoʋitɕ) a software craftsman situated in Belgrade, Serbia and this is my part blog, part portfolio site. I mostly program in Java and Clojure, but I have many other interests (like IoT, games, music, etc.) and will put an effort to touch every one of them here. Another way to put it is that this is my part serious, part not so serious site. Let me explain.

The serious part will encompass my projects and open source contributions. All my work is located on my GitHub profile. There are a lot of projects, commercial, open-source contributions, learning a new language or tool, or just fun ones. No matter the subject I take each project seriously and any one of them can be presented on this site. You can view the list of my projects here.

The not-so-serious part of the site will be my blog. The first non-serious thing is that there is no schedule for posting, I will post when I have something to say intersected with when I have the time to write it. The second, well, not so not serious thing is that there is no some kind of overall theme for the blog. I will write about everything and anything I feel about writing, being that programming, IoT, games, music, food, etc, so stay tuned.

If you like the site check out the source. It is written with Jekyll and the theme is the modification of BlackDoc theme.

If you want to chat send me an e-mail.