My review of else Heart.Break() game

else Heart.Break() [1] has many classifications: adventure, point & click, RPG, etc., but it is, in reality, a game about exploration. This motive runs through the fabric of the game, in its movement, storytelling, and progression and it takes another dimension with hacking. This game is the embodiment of the hacker culture which itself is a form of exploration. The drive, the motivation to find out what will happen if I change this, tweak that is what can easily make a player spend multiple hours in front of the screen. A mandatory addition to hackers' must-play game list.

As it often comes with games that strongly encourage exploration there is little to no hand-holding. You're on your own and this can be repelling to some players. During the initial playthrough, I spent a couple of hours just walking around not knowing what to do and waiting for something to happen. A lot of the time even when you get a 'quest' you are often left without a clear goal and you have to 'push' the game progression yourself by stumbling upon the next chapter.

The originality of the idea, the artwork, the soundtrack, and the sheer excitement of finding and modifying something for your benefit is why I must recommend that anyone with even a remote interest in the topics 'covered' by this game try it. However, if you don't have the patience for running around for long periods trying to find something to do, occasional bugs that can interrupt the story progression, and lousy navigation and camera, this game is not for you.

else Heart.Break() is a prematurely released masterpiece.

[1] else Heart.Break()