There are eight million stories about leaving GitHub, this is mine

With all the things happening with the GitHub platform, Microsoft, AI, and Copilot, the disgusting thing that is now the home page feed, I’ve been meaning to move away from it for a long time now. But, wherever I looked I couldn’t seem to find a suitable alternative until one day while browsing Gemini (of all places) I stumbled upon Sourcehut.

Sourcehut reduced the project organization and collaboration down to the human size. By looking at the ‘Internet of old’, they made a platform that is most needed in the ‘Internet of today’. Some of the things that amazed me were that all communication and collaboration is done via (plain text enforced) mailing lists, the whole site is JavaScript free, and the fact that there are no stars or likes, and that to save a project or repository you like you had to use a browser bookmark. The latter made me feel nostalgic. The organization is transparent about its intentions, and funding, and takes great care about the privacy of its users. It’s such a breath of fresh air comparing it to the other popular platforms.

I made Sourcehut my main development platform, and I will eventually migrate all repositories from GitHub. I will still have an account on GitHub since most of the open-source community is still there, but for everything else it’s Sourcehut.

I encourage you the check the platform out if you are searching for a good online home for your projects.

Check out my project hub.