Dumb password rules

In this day and age where security on the Internet is very much at the center of attention along with user privacy it is very important that online stores and services do as best as they can to ensure these things to the users. One way for us, the end users, to provide motivation, is to shame all Web sites that have in any way jeopardized our existence on the Web! :-)

One such project is dumb-password-rules, that focuses on shaming Web sites that have dumb rules when creating a password for an account or similar. You can check it out here.

I have made a couple of contributions to the cause:

Check out the fork here.

A plea to the reader, don’t stop here. Do everything that is in your power to raise awareness about security on the Internet. Write a blog, tweet it out, contribute to this project or start your own, anything that will spread the good word. Security is already a hard thing why make it harder…