Big Wayne tribute

Big Wayne was a part of the cast of The Lazlow show, the (terrestrial, and later internet) radio show that was active between 2005. and 2014. The show was about anything and everything, classified as a talk show. Major part of air time was dedicated to talking about Big Wayne and his life as a teenager in Queens with some episodes from his, than, current life spent in Long Beach. He was a - colorful - character to say the least and as such, a pleasant voice on the radio to many.

Unfortunately he passed away in 2014. which also brought an end to The Lazlow show.

I have made a little tribute to him in a form of a list/map of his most memorable moments in life (that he shared with the public of course). See it here.

I seems that Lazlow show is not available for download anymore. Lazlow still has his site up, if you feel like listening to hours of quality radio (as in you’ll laugh your face off) you can ask him about it there.