Noteworthy II - A World of Warcraft addon

One of my favorite game genres is RPG and that means that I play them a lot. Games of this type can tend to become… overwhelming at times. With a lot of different goals presented to the player like complete quests, after those quests complete another set of quests, explore here, get this achievement, etc. it can sometimes become hard to track the progress and keep up with the plan. That is why I always keep notes while playing RPGs. But a lot of the games don’t have that mechanic built into them.

One such game is World of Warcraft, another one of my favorites. This game has a very powerful add-on framework, so I decided to create a notebook-style add-on. Since I didn’t make any type of WoW add-on before I first started looking for a similar add-on project to serve as a reference point. Fortunately, I found an abandoned notebook add-on called Noteworthy [removed from Curseforge in the meantime]. After some thinking, and approval from the original author, I decided to continue the development of this project.

The first task was to make the add-on work with the retail version of the game. Even if it was abandoned a long time ago, the code upgrade didn’t take much time meaning that I had a solid code base to start with. I was confident enough to fully dedicate to the project.

The first decision was to rebrand to Noteworthy II making essentially a new project based on the older incarnation. That way the original work can remain intact and I will have complete artistic freedom over the new one.

At the time of writing, Noteworthy II version 2.0 is released to CurseForge and has over 150 downloads. Version 2.0 only contains cosmetic improvements over the original version, but it lays a foundation for the project itself. Now I will focus on introducing new functionalities, the major one in the works being the undo feature.

The main development repo is here.

Many thanks to the original author GhostDancer74.

Enjoy writing notes using Noteworthy II.